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It’s Been Quite a Summer

September 28, 2007

Wow, my last post was July 2nd.  I guess I will break the silence with a comprehensive update of the last few months.

My 8 year old is increasingly losing teeth.

I started personal training (and feeling much better).

I’ve gone through 2 managers at work.

I have a coordinator in my ministry to help out with vocalists.

My mailbox fell over from termite devastation.

My wife had Lasik surgery.

My daughter had her tonsils removed by a qualified doctor.

My protege is making a living full time in music through giving lessons, serving at church, and studio session work.

A dear friend flipped the door from my garage to my house, a project 4 years in the making.

I gutted my RSS feeder to reduce the perseved digital demand on my life.

I said farewell to my friend of 4 years and “go to” acoustic guitarist at church (college beckoned).

Unfortunately, my bestest pals house still did not sell.

Uncertainty morphed into certainty as my church secured space for another year.

I earned some money doing audio production for my sister-in-law for her math songs (she is a HS teacher).

I ran two miles for the first time ever (part of thePT)

I’ve coveted a Toyota Sequoia and repented

My job is more demanding but nothing else has subsided.

I didn’t blog about anything for almost 60 days  🙂

That’s my summer condensed.  By His grace, may I Glorify God in the Fall.


A Radical Truth Teller

July 2, 2007

Here is a short Derek Webb interview found on the Blood:Water Mission blog.  It includes his explanation for lining up with Sojourners.  Enjoy.

K. J. Schultz


Calories, Pounds, and Equilibrium

June 28, 2007

More thoughts inspired by our own PDiddy…

I’ve always wanted to know how the calorie thing works, but didn’t seek it out until now.  It looks like I have found the information I have been seeking.  It is the math behind weight gain, loss, and equilibrium.  Check out this page from How Stuff  It is defintely in line with my too German thinking!

From the math,  if I reduce my caloric intake on average by 156 calories a day, down to 1980, I can get back to my fighting weight and maintain it (all you algebra freaks out there can do the math to derive the starting weight).    I just need to eliminate a few cookies a day.  I can do that. 

Maybe. 😉

K. J. Schultz


Labor Day Weekend

September 5, 2006

I took the concept of a Labor Day weekend literally. 

Friday, I worked until 4:30, which is an extra three hours given my employer’s policy of summer hours.

Saturday, I recorded 80% of a Music and Math project with my wife’s sister.  She did her Masters on the use of music as a learning aid in math classes.  We did all the arrangements of these songs/jingles, all the guitars, and 6 out of 8 vocals tracks.  Here’s a song listing for a good chuckle or nightmarish flashback to high school:

Permutations, Standard Deviation, Pythagorean Theorem, Terms, The Mean Song, SOHCAHTOA, Compliments, and Undefined

Sunday, I ran sound at church.  To me, that is work, given the multitasking it demands.  Recording Grace Talk is 4 times the challenge of a regular Sunday.  It is work with joy knowing the purpose is to make sure the Word of God is heard when proclaimed.  I also spent another two hours to finish up the project with my sister-in-law. 

pampas grass

Monday, I caught up on all the yard work I avoided for months.  I trimmed the bushes, cut and edged the lawn, pulled weeds, and “destroyed” our Pampas Grass plant.  The Pampas Grass plant was the most time consuming and painful.  The plant was blocking our  and our neighbors view when backing out of our driveways.  I took it down from 12 ft high to 4 ft high.  As you may know, the grass fonds on this type of plant are sharp.  My arms look like I lost a cat fight.  I managed to fill 5 trash cans with the grass fonds and the stalks.  The neighbor came over to chat while I was working on it and was thankful for my efforts.

As I did the yard work, I listened to old friends Extreme – Three Sides to Every Story and Passion – Our Love is Loud to keep me company.  I found myself thinking about other people as the core motivation for the work.  I wasn’t thinking of weed pulling as mundane task, but a means to love my wife.  With trimming that Pampas Grass, I was thinking, “this is love for my neighbor.”  And what followed was joy in my work. 

My body was working hard this labor day, but my soul was at rest.


Benefit Blog

June 30, 2006

[please read this tongue in cheek]

In the same spirit as Live Aid, Farm Aid, and other benefit concerts, this blog is to benefit a worthy cause.

Here is my plea. In the course of my existence as a musician and a IT professional, I have developed nerve problems with my right arm, which now prohibit me from playing acoustic guitar. In order to promote healing in my arm, I am seeking to purchase a customer guitar by Tom Anderson called a Crowdster. This is an instrument that is specially designed to produce authentic acoustic tones and yet only have the body size of an electric guitar.

Such a custom instrument is not cheap, so I am seeking your support and donations. This guitar will allow me to continue serving as an acoustic guitarist at church and minimize further damage to my arm, in the hopes of promoting healing.

Here is a link to the Tom Anderson Crowdster.

Thank you for supporting a good cause.


PS – My situation is for real, and I will need to quit playing for awhile, or at least limit my playing to electric only and not often. I covet your prayers for my healing more than your money. Thanks.


Change of Theme

June 19, 2006

Friends –

I changed my theme again, this time in an effort to make the comments easier to read.  I must admit I liked the theme's name "Contempt" as well.  I believe this is my fourth theme since I started, I apologize for changing the furniture around so much.