Writing it Down Helps

August 31, 2010

I am struggling with a few things lately. I am not the musician I want to be. I am not the dad I should be. I feel like half my life has gone by and my personal desires for me are unfulfilled. I’m not where I thought I’d be job wise, but then again, I could never answer that “where do you see yourself in 5 years” question. Maybe that is telling. I actually have had no plan so I moved to where the opportunities are. So I haven’t done my part, but God by His grace has still ordered my steps.

I have always wanted a wife and children. I am married with four kids, but like I mentioned earlier, it’s another frontier to be demonstrate my mediocrity.

In the end, I have this silly desire to be great at something and I am not. It’s frustrating to want things I can’t achieve.

I need to find contentment apart from myself. I know it should be in God. You’d think I’d be happy the creator of the universe knows me and loves me. I’m actually frustrated to be made the way I am. But the dissatisfaction serves to drive me to him, as I should not be content with me.


One comment

  1. My friend you are not alone, i have struggled hard to get a good MBA but after that i am stuck in a job that i don’t want. So be patient and i would advice that you should never stop learning. Some courses or education is not that costly like some short courses or things like that. Find education related to your current work so you can progress fast. I am also trying to do that.

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