Who needs pitch correction?

July 23, 2008

Well, most “artists” do these days.  It’s actually part of the signature vocal sound for young pop and rock acts.  Before you think I am being like Dr. Righteous from Mr. Roboto, I’ll be the first to admit any vocal tracks I record need them.  🙂

Why bring it up?  I was sharing my love for well crafted songs sung by tenors with Mr. Boghos via email youtube links today and I ended up here:  10CC’s The Things We Do for Love.  Pitch correction did not exist in 1977 but listening to all these parts, you’d think it did.  The vocals are spot on and a joy to listen to.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  Unfortunately, I can’t embed it due to copyright concerns.

Click here



  1. “Artists” … nice.

    True vocal artists are still pretty rare.

  2. Art is relative. I say – if people can consider Picasso “art”, then one needs not perfect pitch to be an artist.

    Pitch correction is sort of like paint by numbers.

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