The Ringing Bell Explained

July 8, 2008

Derek Webb has done it again.  He is giving away his last album “The Ringing Bell”.  I have been listening to it and enjoying the Beatles/Traveling Wilbury’s feel of it.  On his “official” fan site, there is an interview with Derek about the record, which is nice because it provides context to the songs.

If you don’t have the “new” album, I recommend it.  If you have 30 minutes to listen to the interview while you work, do so, as I think you will enjoy the record even more.



  1. When the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are over, what will Derek have to croon about?

  2. Well, I think he gave that up after “Mockingbird”, but to answer your question, I think Sandra. The song “Can’t Be Without You” from TRB was written during the “Long Line of Leavers” era, when Derek first met her and she was dating someone else. His best songs have been love songs anyway.

  3. I listened to about half of the marathon interview…. the music is pretty good. Enjoy Philly!

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