Solo Flight – Day 2

June 9, 2008

Solo flight – day 1 was great as it could be without my blurter of folly. 🙂

The Hosners had us over for lunch and swimming at their new place. Then there was dinner at the Richards. What a great way to spend my birthday being cared for by my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am thankful for their hospitality and seeing the gifts of Christ in action. Every glimpse is grace…

This morning my youngest greeted me this morning with a nasty diaper, one with a containment breach. So she got a bath while the rest continued to sleep. We all ate doughnuts for breakfast and now they are playing in the basement while I try to get a live person at Columbia House (I’ve been on hold a long time). Magically, I now have a DVD account with them that I need to cancel. They make it near impossible to do this. Oh wait, I have a live rep. Hold on…

…OK. Just got of the line with them. That was easy. They canceled the account and I get to keep the DVD for my inconvenience. I bet this happens a lot.

Well, my niece should be here any minute so I better run. The more the merrier you know. I hope to chronicle this week on the blog so my blurter can see what we were up to.



One comment

  1. I miss the blurter too. 🙂


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