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Another Glimpse

May 16, 2008

Recently I was able to attend Nathan Hoag’s college graduation/engagement party.  Now I have known Nathan since he was in 7th grade and in my discussion group in Student Ministry.  Also attending the party were Matthew Weeks and Adam Sleeper, who both were in that same discussion group.  What a blessing it was to reflect back on all that God had done with these young men since then.

Nathan and Matthew both were active in the FCA programs in High School and used them as a means to lead others in evangelism in their respective schools.  They both were in the Student Praise Band I led.  Adam’s story is quite different.  With CF having destroyed his lungs by his Senior year, Adam was literally on his death bed waiting for a suitable set of lungs.  The Lord provided on Christmas Day a new set of lungs and the ability for Adam and his family to witness to the donor’s family and his community via the local news the hope and joy that is found in Christ alone.  Read about his ordeal here.

Now, Nathan is going to seminary to be a pastor.  Matthew completed his degree at Boyce, and is going back for a Masters.  Adam just graduated with a bachelor degree in Landscape Design and is going to get his MS in water purification systems in the hopes of doing missions in Africa.

I am thankful God is a strong tower, our protection in the storm, and the guiding force in these young men’s lives.  Every glimpse is grace, indeed.