Funny Things

April 14, 2008

It’s been awhile since I blogged and I am over HSM for the moment, so I thought I’d get rid of Zach’s face on my blog with a few funny things.

1.  Heard from my near 7 year old daughter regarding Paula on AI:

“That lady likes everyone!”

2.  And for you Starbux addicts, a poke at your Seattle Coffee pusher…



  1. #2 is interesting. Instead of selling the experience of a young, hip, and trendy coffee shop; Micky Ds’ is selling blue collar un-snobby experience for the same thing. I don’t know about the price point but i am betting the commodity is still not worth the price.

  2. That’s interesting O’Ryan. I didn’t look at it as a directed sell to blue collar America, but a way to make the cost and culture of Starbux to seem ridiculous, therefore adding value to their product. The only market they are doing this in right now is Washington State, Starbux’ back yard.

  3. Yep, gone are the days of marketing a thing for a price. We now get marketed experiences for even more. I recommend Jim Gilmore’s talks at resurgence.com. He wrote the experience economy and offers this as a different way of looking at culture in general and advertising specifically with applications in the church.

  4. I watched that whole video a few weeks back. It was enlightening. It makes sense that we are no longer “selling” forgiveness for sin at church but a great “worship experience”.

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