my latest guilty pleasure

January 16, 2008

Tracy bought the HSM 1 and 2 for the kids.  I have a fondness for this song “Bet On It” from HSM2.  Not only is the low end extremely well done ( I ran the new sub at church through the paces with it), but all the production is top notch.  Besides, it’s a catchy tune. 

Now it’s official.  To all my friends that cultivated my love of ear candy pop, I’ve reached the dark side, and it’s all your fault.  🙂

Wait for it… from 2:50 and on you’ll think you’re watching Footloose.



  1. Up until the 2:50 mark – it was more like “Thriller” than Footloose.

    I’ll pray for you dude. That wasn’t ear candy.

  2. Did Zack make you swoon? 😉


    HSM2 was a painful and forced movie compared to HSM1. Disney is making some extra cash while the iron is hot.

    You want a fun movie with some great tunes and a good message on equality that is good for the whole family checkout Hairspray! We saw it on Broadway a couple of years ago and it is a bright and colorful good time! And by “colorful” I strictly mean the bright colors! 😉

    Zack also stars in this movie and is much much better!!!

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