90s speed with 00s swagger

December 26, 2007
I just had to share.  I have developed a recent fascination with Paul Gilbert, formerly of Mr. Big,  via this youtube video and others  He’s talented and has a weird sense of humor!
Here is something I uncovered if you will…
Mr. Big had a huge hit in the 90s with “To be with You”.  Paul Gilbert played guitar in that band.  Check out the original… at least ’til 3:00 and then watch how Paul does it solo now… at least to 3:45.
The first person to comment with the name of the song he borrows the opening riff from gets my personal guitar respect.


  1. Some You Tube Commenter says: Van Halen, from 1978. Me, well to me it all sounds the same.


  2. More specifically it is the start of “Ain’t Talkin’ About Love”

  3. Close Bulldawgy, but Matt wins the prize. I’ve played that riff wrong too many times to count, but Paul executes it flawlessly. Anybody else impressed by him singing and tapping through arpeggios at the same time? The fool that blurts folly said she count never do it. 🙂

  4. Yes, I can’t sing and play chase, much less a guitar…
    I guess I have limits on my multitasking…:0)

    “to err is human…to ewww is goat-talk”

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