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New Year – New Name

December 31, 2007

I’ve made a decision.  I don’t want to be called “too German” anymore and that includes this blog.  At this point it is more of an excuse for behavior than a complement.  The negative connotations to that moniker are things I am trying to change or refine, so I no longer choose to embrace such a catch phrase.  In removing my blog name I was faced with another decision, what should I call my blog now?”Every Glimpse is Grace” is the new name for this blog.  I choose the name to remind me to pursue God in the hope of knowing Him and seeing Him for who He is.  And with every bit of gain in that pursuit, I am know He makes it all possible.I’ve changed the theme as well.  I’m not particularly sold on it, so look for another change there.  Change is a reoccuring theme in January, as the new year gives a demark for stopping and starting things.  Look for a coming post on those things…  


90s speed with 00s swagger

December 26, 2007
I just had to share.  I have developed a recent fascination with Paul Gilbert, formerly of Mr. Big,  via this youtube video and others  He’s talented and has a weird sense of humor!
Here is something I uncovered if you will…
Mr. Big had a huge hit in the 90s with “To be with You”.  Paul Gilbert played guitar in that band.  Check out the original… at least ’til 3:00 and then watch how Paul does it solo now… at least to 3:45.
The first person to comment with the name of the song he borrows the opening riff from gets my personal guitar respect.

Osenga’s Three Act Musical

December 11, 2007

On Caedmon’s Call’s latest release – Overdressed, Andrew Osenga sings on three songs that work out to a be a three act play.  I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but it’s neat anyway.

“Expectations” is about church advertising and how the actual church is nothing like the billboards.  Go figure.

“Hold the Light” is about man dealing with a ton of unmet expectations, sin, and pain and the friend that encourages him through it.

“Start Again” is a cry for God to grant a new start: hope to start again.

Even though Andrew sounds like a mix of Derek Webb and Tom Petty, I like his writing and contributions to the Caedmon’s Call colllective.  It’s good to have Derek back on this record as well. After listening to it 5 times in a row,  I have given it an A-, versus the C+ I had originally judged it.


Stocking Stuffers

December 11, 2007

Hey out there!  It’s time for my monthly post.  🙂

If one was to stuff my stocking with something other than coal, I’d enjoy finding some of these things….

CDs – Anything by Nickel Creek, The Glory Revealed Project, Derek Webb’s Ringing Bell, Steve Fee’s Burn for You (also sold as Fee: We Shine, he got signed on INO, Derek and CC’s label), Jars of Clay’s Good Monsters, and 7:22’s Freedom release.

Gear – headstock stand, guitar tech tool, and if you are froggy, a pedalboard cable kit.  Also, a Swiss Army ESV Bible would be great too, since I can’t keep my paperback Bibles from dismantling in my backpack.

Of course, I ultimately need none of these things.  What I need I already have.  May my heart be struck with holy fear if I think I need more than what God has blessed me with in Christ.