Virtual Memory Lane

November 9, 2007

I just took a walk down a virtual memory lane at the Grace Fellowship Blogs.  Being the Director of Music there, they gave me access to write on the church blog.  Yes, I am not sure about the wisdom in that decision.  😉

I just reviewed all the blog entries I had posted in the past three years.  I actually had one or two decent blog entries during that time.  The funny, but not surprising, thing to me is the majority of the posts were in the Lament category.  Who would have guessed?


One comment

  1. Talk about memory lane, I am organizing all my digital photos into iPhoto08 and backing them up to a hard drive. I am collecting several of you, Eric and BullDawgy from the earlier years.

    One things is for sure, after reviewing several years of beach pictures, I may be a little thicker but I have successfully done away with a monster farmer’s tan!

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