It’s Been Quite a Summer

September 28, 2007

Wow, my last post was July 2nd.  I guess I will break the silence with a comprehensive update of the last few months.

My 8 year old is increasingly losing teeth.

I started personal training (and feeling much better).

I’ve gone through 2 managers at work.

I have a coordinator in my ministry to help out with vocalists.

My mailbox fell over from termite devastation.

My wife had Lasik surgery.

My daughter had her tonsils removed by a qualified doctor.

My protege is making a living full time in music through giving lessons, serving at church, and studio session work.

A dear friend flipped the door from my garage to my house, a project 4 years in the making.

I gutted my RSS feeder to reduce the perseved digital demand on my life.

I said farewell to my friend of 4 years and “go to” acoustic guitarist at church (college beckoned).

Unfortunately, my bestest pals house still did not sell.

Uncertainty morphed into certainty as my church secured space for another year.

I earned some money doing audio production for my sister-in-law for her math songs (she is a HS teacher).

I ran two miles for the first time ever (part of thePT)

I’ve coveted a Toyota Sequoia and repented

My job is more demanding but nothing else has subsided.

I didn’t blog about anything for almost 60 days  🙂

That’s my summer condensed.  By His grace, may I Glorify God in the Fall.


One comment

  1. Excellent summary, man! Thanks for the update on your life!

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