Calories, Pounds, and Equilibrium

June 28, 2007

More thoughts inspired by our own PDiddy…

I’ve always wanted to know how the calorie thing works, but didn’t seek it out until now.  It looks like I have found the information I have been seeking.  It is the math behind weight gain, loss, and equilibrium.  Check out this page from How Stuff Works.com.  It is defintely in line with my too German thinking!

From the math,  if I reduce my caloric intake on average by 156 calories a day, down to 1980, I can get back to my fighting weight and maintain it (all you algebra freaks out there can do the math to derive the starting weight).    I just need to eliminate a few cookies a day.  I can do that. 

Maybe. 😉

K. J. Schultz



  1. Nice.

    He doesn’t factor in the fact that as you age, the number of calories needed to maintain your weight decreases – as your cells become less active.

    So, the older you get, the few cookies you can sustain.

  2. Good thing I am not old yet. 🙂 700 calories so far today. Call me an overachiever, or just too German.

  3. Excellent Kev! Great place to start. If I may offer a few words of encouragement here-make sure what ever it is you are doing is a sustainable lifestyle change and not just and not just a crescendo in the middle of the song (nice musical reference, eh?!?!?). In addition, losing weight by cutting calories is good, but as we all approach 40 implementing some form of regular excercise (running, swimming, jump roping, etc.) is critical for our overall health-not just for weight loss. Drive on and keep it up brother!!!

  4. Thanks Pdiddy. I think the folks posting comments are far closer to 40 than I. 😉

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