Call me crazy…

June 18, 2007

…but I now own a Barry Manilow song.

OK.  Catch your breath.

It will be on my iPod in moments.  It is the full version of “Could it be Magic“, which I think is his best effort and a great song.  What a solid chorus.  It doesn’t hurt he ripped off Chopin’s Prelude in C Minor. It starts and ends the song and influences the middle.  The closest thing Barry has written that has the angst of rock.  I love it.
Go ahead and call me crazy…



  1. Is it legal to bring an iPod with Manilow on it to a Men’s Retreat?

  2. Well, the wife and I share one instance of iTunes, so my iPod has all of her stuff on it anyway. I could says it’s hers. 🙂

  3. As a child of a single mom in the 70’s, I must admit, I dig Manilow.


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