The DMV Rocks

June 7, 2007

my numberI went here to get my driver’s license renewed.  I opted for the 10 year $35 package.  I must say it was a painless experience.  I arrived at 11:25 and was done by 12 noon. 

They have an automated number system that continually updates the call number on a screen in the waiting area.  Usually this place is jammed, but Thursday at 11:25 must be the magic time.

The license is made on the spot within two minutes of the shooting of the  picture.

I like the high tech ticket system.  It allowed me to listen to my iPod and not miss my turn.  They also take credit and debit cards now.  Schweet!

So if you have to renew your license in person, I would recommend this place early in the morning.

I never thought I would walk out of a DMV and not be frustrated for any reason.  

There is a first time for everything.


One comment

  1. Welcome to the 21st century, dude. My 2006 experience at the DMV was lovely, truly lovely.

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