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A White Hunt

June 29, 2007

Today’s Tom in the Box caused me to look up Dave Hunt and end up reading an open letter to Dave Hunt from Dr. James White.  I was impressed how much time Dr. White put into refuting the misquotes found in Dave Hunt’s book called What Love Is This?  Calvinism’s Misrepresentation of God.  His tone was reserved as well, at least during the first part I read.  It is a lengthy letter.

 I realize this all went down in 2002, but the arguments being discussed in the letter will always be timeless.

K. J.  Schultz


Calories, Pounds, and Equilibrium

June 28, 2007

More thoughts inspired by our own PDiddy…

I’ve always wanted to know how the calorie thing works, but didn’t seek it out until now.  It looks like I have found the information I have been seeking.  It is the math behind weight gain, loss, and equilibrium.  Check out this page from How Stuff  It is defintely in line with my too German thinking!

From the math,  if I reduce my caloric intake on average by 156 calories a day, down to 1980, I can get back to my fighting weight and maintain it (all you algebra freaks out there can do the math to derive the starting weight).    I just need to eliminate a few cookies a day.  I can do that. 

Maybe. 😉

K. J. Schultz


Call me crazy…

June 18, 2007

…but I now own a Barry Manilow song.

OK.  Catch your breath.

It will be on my iPod in moments.  It is the full version of “Could it be Magic“, which I think is his best effort and a great song.  What a solid chorus.  It doesn’t hurt he ripped off Chopin’s Prelude in C Minor. It starts and ends the song and influences the middle.  The closest thing Barry has written that has the angst of rock.  I love it.
Go ahead and call me crazy…


The DMV Rocks

June 7, 2007

my numberI went here to get my driver’s license renewed.  I opted for the 10 year $35 package.  I must say it was a painless experience.  I arrived at 11:25 and was done by 12 noon. 

They have an automated number system that continually updates the call number on a screen in the waiting area.  Usually this place is jammed, but Thursday at 11:25 must be the magic time.

The license is made on the spot within two minutes of the shooting of the  picture.

I like the high tech ticket system.  It allowed me to listen to my iPod and not miss my turn.  They also take credit and debit cards now.  Schweet!

So if you have to renew your license in person, I would recommend this place early in the morning.

I never thought I would walk out of a DMV and not be frustrated for any reason.  

There is a first time for everything.


grab bag

June 1, 2007

I should have one topic for everybody today.  Lot’s of things cooking in my noggin.  Enjoy.

Of all the “scripture hijacking” in the NT, how come Jesus seems to be the worst offender?  Check out Micah 7:6 vs. Matthew 10:35-36.  At least I don’t get it…

If someone says, “I can’t believe anyone would send their kids to public school”, is it personal condemnation to the ones that do or could it simply be a conclusion made without all facts (aren’t all our decisions that way)?  Or maybe it’s hyperbole?  But then again it could be a reaction to those that would say, “Why would you want to homeschool, you should send your kids to school with the professionals”.  Either way, can’t we all get along here?

Is there a political opposite to a “liberal hawk”?

Is my preoccupation with Keith Urban’s music unhealthy?  I haven’t wanted to buy my favorite guitarists guitar since 1991…

Why do I raise my voice to my children when they have done something wrong but not to my spouse?  After all, she should know better…

Despite the evidence to the contrary in the Bible, why do I think God wants to and should rub me out for my weakness in following Him?  I think I am too German for my own good…