Caedmon’s Call is back in form

May 29, 2007

In case you hadn’t heard, read it here.



  1. Derek Webb back on board…this holds promise. With him, Osenga, and McCracken writing, the lyrics could be quite good. But I still miss Tate.

  2. Understood. Anybody know what Aaron Tate is up to? Oh wait, I just found out.

  3. Argh, linkage… What I meant to post was:

    …but did you know the reason they broke up was the Prayer of Jabez?

  4. I didn’t specifically, but I am not surprised. This song by Derek was supposedly (I think it’s obvious) written in response to that occasion and person.

    It was writing like this that didn’t fit on a CC record, so DW went solo. I am going to listen to podcast no. 12 today (The Gospel and Justice) and get the story from DW.

  5. OK. I just finished the podcast. It was very informative. I think if anyone listened to it they would have better understanding of why DW wrote the She Must and Shall Go Free and Mockingbird CDs and why he left CC.

    In the podcast DW confirms the song “Wedding Dress” was written immediately after and in direct response to his experience with Wilkinson while at a trade event in Atlanta while with CC.

    Isn’t all this fun?

  6. The benefits of sin?

  7. Jeffrey – “read” the blog post for the benefits of sin

  8. Okay, perhaps my reference was a bit obscure. I was thinking like this…

    The benefits (such as really good songs and ministering to some people) of sin (Wilkinson’s prosperity gospel and the subsequent rift between Derek and the Youngs)?

    Put another way, did not God benefit (get glory from) those human mistakes? I’m just reimagining a proper theological response to “the benefits of sin.” Perhaps it’s a different answer from our perspective and God’s perspective.

  9. can’t find the podcast about derek leaving when wilkinson did his thing. anybody out there know a shrtcut to it?

  10. Ricky – If it’s not part of the DerekWebb podcast in iTunes anymore I am afraid its gone forever. I found the original feed of his 2005 podcasts here: http://derekwebb.net/archives/2005/8/ at the bottom of the page. But I think no. 12 came out in 2006, so it might come through that feed. Good luck.

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