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Easy Pickin’s

April 16, 2007

I found a cool new blog last week and wanted to let my readers know about it.  It’s called  Today’s tip post was really insightful and funny, so I thought I’d share it.


Bono Vox

April 10, 2007

I just read an article about Bono, the lead singer from U2.  I will be the first to say he is not the Messiah. 🙂  But in a world of make-believers, I think he is the real deal.  That is why I felt I could have the band play a U2 song in church.

From the article, would you say he is a winsome ambassador for Christ?



A Potential Reality

April 3, 2007

What happens when a 550 KT surface nuclear detonation takes place in Atlanta and other large US cities? 

Find out here.