I Repent

January 17, 2007

You know, in the recent and distant past, I have been quick to criticize Chris Tomlin.  In a recent post I panned his new release , See the Morning.

Well, I repent.

I had the opportunity to listen to the entire recording uninterrupted last Saturday.  At first, like his last record Arriving, the music seems much of the same.  But once I listened for the differences and creativity in the songs versus the similarities, I began to see the value of the songs. 

I really like the uptempo, “Let God Arise” and the contemplative “Uncreated One”.  I am still in digesting the tunes, all the while in awe Chris continues to write good songs in terms of melody and theology.  God has truly gifted him.  How many of my songs does the church universal sing?  You get my point.

I leave you with these words attributed to Chris I read on this blog:

When asked what it was like to be famous, Chris Tomlin said that it used to be nobody offered him any advice or criticism. The more that he becomes known, the more people criticize him.

For unjustly criticizing Chris and being one of those people, I repent.


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