Starr’s Issue a Source of Many Laughs

December 5, 2006

After talking with PDiddy at length about the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper record two Sunday’s ago, I did a little research on it.   In my search I ran across this site discussing the details of the song, “A Day in the Life”. 

At dinner last night with good friends, I attempted to relay the below absurdity from the site which caused many laughs and tears at dinner last night.

“[George]Martin in fact was silencing Ringo’s notorious gas. The chords were constructed during the infamous Starr/beans experiment. Not unlike Townshend’s Lighthouse, Martin recorded Ringo as he ate 15 cans. The results were staggering and yielded the ensuing crop of profound, pop-revolutionizing lyrics: ‘he blew his mind out in a car,’ (simply put, one never drove with Ringo in the car windows up) No. 2: Even in Harrison’s All Things Must Pass, “My Sweet Lord” — though some consider this a spiritual number, it’s actually a favorite utterance of George while accidentally inhaling Mr. Starkey’s essence. ‘I really want to see’ if you (Starr) can take that outside… That would be ducky. thanks.”
– Basil, Skylark Sound City, MT


One comment

  1. Good info. That is a pretty cool site (although just like a Wiki, you gotta take those tidbits of info with a grain of salt). I think I am going to go out and buy that album again. Haven’t had it in over a decade.

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