Changes in Key of PC Minor

November 14, 2006

Finally my Norton subscription expired.  Getting them to remove the auto-renewal in their records was difficult to say the least, but I made it through their maze with only one slammed fist on the computer desk.

At Jeffrey’s suggestion I downloaded and installed the free version of Zone Alarm.  It is a learn as you go firewall.  It prompts you to deny or allow every bit of communication out or into your PC.  You don’t really know what is happening on your PC until you have an app like that installed.  I also downloaded and installed a free anti-virus software called Avast.  The combination of these running has given my computer new life, like it was a kid again.  Norton was a resource hog and overkill for my needs.



  1. I pray for the day I read a post called:

    Changes in Key of i(Mac) Major 😉

  2. Very clever.

    I liken Mac ownership to socialism and PC ownership to democracy. One size does not fit all and PCs give options. I see the merits of both platforms in regards to computing.

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