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October 10, 2006

“You’ve gone away. So long my friend.”-Kevin Max

Why did they go away? Who you may ask? dctalk, that’s who.

I finally have “Jesus Freak”from 1995 and “Supernatural” from 1998 by dctalk on my iPod. If it’s possible, I am sure I have worn out their sectors on the HD in my iPod. What a breath of fresh air compared to what passes for CCM now. Sure they wear their influences on their sleeves, but it makes for good music. Creative, daring, and vocally refreshing (without the boy band aftertaste) is how I would characterize it. The trio of writers/vocalists strengths balanced out their weaknesses to produce some good tunes.

Then they each went solo back in 2001. Frankly, I think they need each other. Toby is too derivitive without Kevin’s influence. Kevin is too unrestrained without Michael’s sensibilities. Michael is boring without Toby’s drive for sonic innovation.

Long story short: I wish they were still making music together. If you have either of the albums mentioned, pull them out and give them a listen. They have aged quite well. My favs from the two discs:

  1. So Help Me God
  2. Mind’s Eye
  3. In the Light – cover of Charlie Peacock’s song
  4. Dive
  5. Supernatural
  6. Fearless

Alright all you closet dctalk fans out there. What’s your all-time dctalk favs? Or feel free to lament about the state of commercial Christian programmed radio stations in the ATL.



  1. I turned on the fish yesterday, for the first time in weeks – and what am I greeted with?? MWS whining out Above All, which has to be the finest example of theological scurvy in the last ten years.

    As for DC Talk – I’m partial to the oldies – I still like Heaven Bound

  2. Man, I can’t find my Heaven Bound cassette since the move. 😉

    My DCT fav is What Have We Become.

  3. You can get it here or iTunes.

    I just listened to the clip on iTunes. That sounded like Toby doing his best LL Cool J and the singing was BAD.

    John ,it’s time to at least join the ’90s with these guys.

    David, I like “What Have We Become?” as well, especially the ad lib from KMax at 2:40, “Oh Self-indulgent people!”. What is it that makes that song a stand out for you?

    The main difference to me production wise between
    Jesus Freak and Supernatural is that Jesus Freak was very dry and there are tons of ambient effects on Supernatural. Do you agree?

  4. I never really listened to Supernatural. I think the blatant ripoffs on Jesusfreak turned me off. (Let’s be Nirvana-ish.) I heard it several times as an office mate played it but not enough to study the songs.

    Regarding What Have We Become, you know I’m drawn to darker, melancholy tunes. The subject matter is real and intense, where their usual playfulness gets old to me. I like the groove, minor chords and vocal layers. I haven’t heard it in a while. The CD is currently in storage. We can review tonight. 🙂

  5. I just discovered your blog. Awesome stuff! I’m trying to figure out how to establish my own blog, not going so well so far…
    House Church rocks!

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