This is Spooky

September 15, 2006


Check out the Videos link…



  1. How utterly embarrassing, laughable, dismissible, powerless, ineffective, odd, weird, and even damaging to the cause of Christ.

    Seems like these folks have the idea that all you need to follow Christ is to get really excited, cry, ask Jesus for a fuller, more peaceful life… and *poof* the world will bow its knee before Christ on account of your cheerleaders-in-camouflage routine.

    What is it supposed to be… some sort of al-Qaeda vacation Bible school or something?

    I’m ashamed.

  2. […] Kevin “Too German” Schultz posts about Jesus Camp, a film that depicts the fecklessness and syncretism of American evangelicalism in all of its folly. I believe the “Jesus Camp” shown in the film is doing more damage to the cause of Christ than the film itself. How should thoughtful Christians respond to a film like this, and how should we respond to things like the “Jesus Camp” itself? […]

  3. An Apology

    For the record: I regret giving vent to the rant I posted on Friday.

    John commented on my blog with a link to Tom Ascol’s Founders Ministries blog entry on this topic. I wish I had responded with the same Spirit-filled wisdom and decorum that Mr. Ascol displayed in his remarks. Here is a comment I posted to his blog on this subject…

    Thanks for the thoughtful and winsome response; I’ll take it as a model for my responses to such things in the future.

    I tend to get quite exercised — indeed, to a fault — over the folly the American evangelical church tends to engage in. I think such folly only makes the gospel even more offensive and dismissible to the world that needs to hear it. If someone’s going to reject the gospel, I’d rather it be because they found the gospel offensive — not the evangelist.

    I just can’t stand the fact that, whatever else you might say about this, well-meaning people like Ms. Fischer are “poisoning the well,” after a fashion: they are, in fact, inoculating much of the culture against the gospel.

    I only hope that, by God’s grace, I don’t “poison the well” with my responses either.

  4. Hugh – Thanks for being willing to retract your own statements. Humility is something I don’t see in excess in the world.

    I still think you were right, and honestly, I love passionate responses that aren’t polished. Of course I understand your concern.

    It’s the impulsive side of me that gets me into trouble too. 😉

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