Labor Day Weekend

September 5, 2006

I took the concept of a Labor Day weekend literally. 

Friday, I worked until 4:30, which is an extra three hours given my employer’s policy of summer hours.

Saturday, I recorded 80% of a Music and Math project with my wife’s sister.  She did her Masters on the use of music as a learning aid in math classes.  We did all the arrangements of these songs/jingles, all the guitars, and 6 out of 8 vocals tracks.  Here’s a song listing for a good chuckle or nightmarish flashback to high school:

Permutations, Standard Deviation, Pythagorean Theorem, Terms, The Mean Song, SOHCAHTOA, Compliments, and Undefined

Sunday, I ran sound at church.  To me, that is work, given the multitasking it demands.  Recording Grace Talk is 4 times the challenge of a regular Sunday.  It is work with joy knowing the purpose is to make sure the Word of God is heard when proclaimed.  I also spent another two hours to finish up the project with my sister-in-law. 

pampas grass

Monday, I caught up on all the yard work I avoided for months.  I trimmed the bushes, cut and edged the lawn, pulled weeds, and “destroyed” our Pampas Grass plant.  The Pampas Grass plant was the most time consuming and painful.  The plant was blocking our  and our neighbors view when backing out of our driveways.  I took it down from 12 ft high to 4 ft high.  As you may know, the grass fonds on this type of plant are sharp.  My arms look like I lost a cat fight.  I managed to fill 5 trash cans with the grass fonds and the stalks.  The neighbor came over to chat while I was working on it and was thankful for my efforts.

As I did the yard work, I listened to old friends Extreme – Three Sides to Every Story and Passion – Our Love is Loud to keep me company.  I found myself thinking about other people as the core motivation for the work.  I wasn’t thinking of weed pulling as mundane task, but a means to love my wife.  With trimming that Pampas Grass, I was thinking, “this is love for my neighbor.”  And what followed was joy in my work. 

My body was working hard this labor day, but my soul was at rest.



  1. That last paragraph was well written Kev. I enjoyed it.

  2. Very nice, man. I like the perspective you’ve taken. Lord willing, I can do that as well amidst all of my server troubles. Very encouraging words from you.

    They are just circumstances, man. Just circumstances.

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