The Cowboy Hat and Truck are Next

August 22, 2006

I bought a mandolin last night from Musicians Friend for $50.  I know it will be a $50 instrument.  But according to the reviews on the site, it’s not that bad.  I have some tricks up my sleeve to increase the playability.

I hope to learn mandolin so I can play at church on “unplugged” days instead of playing the acoustic, which still hurts my arm.  The diversity of tones will be nice too.

For those that are interested, here’s the link to the mandolin at Musician’s Friend.  To make my blog more interactive, what color do you think I ordered?




  1. Hot pink or gloss black depending on your mood… Unlike the Irish, you Germans have massive mood swings.

  2. The multi-toned one, of course.

  3. My oh my Dan. How politically incorrect can you get? Only Yankees would get a hot pink one.

  4. Definitely “sunburst.” We can’t have it look too much like a non-guitar. What would the elders think?

  5. sorry, been busy … great so now you can have a hurt arm AND carple tunnel.

    I’ll guess black for variety.

  6. I’m going with coral or sea-foam green. Question from a non-guitarist-Why does playing a guitar hurt your arm? Why would playing a mandolin not?

  7. I went with the tobacco burst finish versus the solid black one.

    With the mandolin, my forearm does not have to rest on the “corner” of the instrument and does not force my elbow away from my body. Both the seam of the acoustic and the thickness of the body of the guitar contribute to my back issues. Those issues cause my right arm to go numb and cause pain in my elbow. That’s why you will see me on bass or electric guitar from now on, unless I master the mandolin soon.

    All that to say it’s a fallen world…

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