Audio Update

August 17, 2006

I did some production work with Ryan Stephens a couple of weekends ago.  He is a college student with some growing musical talent I have had the blessing to mentor the last few years. 

In less than 6 hours and a Moe’s burrito, we arranged, rewrote, and tracked two acoustics, a bass, and his vocal.  My props to Ryan for sticking out the long vocal session, as I was not easy on him and chose not to use pitch correction on his voice. You’ll see why later…


For all those that care about gear (just DavE I suppose) I used my AT4033 mic on the guitars and the vocal.  All those tracks went into my Focusrite Voicebox preamp.  I did some “room” miking for the guitars with an Audix OM5 and a old EV handheld condenser mic through a Focusrite Penta on the Acoustic Guitars settings (Thanks DavE!).  Those room tracks added some nice presence to the acoustics due to the compressor.  The bass was direct into the Penta on the bass setting, which with my Fender Jazz was instant good tone.

All this went into my Korg D16.  It was getting late on a Saturday night, so we mixed in less than 15 minutes.  Due to the time constraint, I did not get to do the thorough mixing job I would have liked, but the results are perhaps better that way.

You can hear this track called “The One” and another track I did with Ryan and his old band on the night of the earthquake that closed Ronald Reagan called “Better Days” on Ryan’s MySpace Music site.  You will see why the band did not last, 😉  I did all I could to fix the drums without creating a complete comp track.  The “Better Days” vocal is massively pitch corrected because I was lazy and did not choose to make Ryan sing hard.  I’ve learned through that experience that a vocal has to be reasonably accurate for pitch correction to really work well.  Honestly, between the tracking of the two songs, Ryan made tremendous progress on his vocal skill.

Let me know what you think of the tunes.


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