iPod EQ settings found!

July 8, 2006

iPod friends and future owners –

If you are a sound geek like me, you will value this PDF which grapez found. It details the actual frequency response curves of the iPod’s EQ.  For me, I like to know what frequencies are being boosted and cut, because when I listen, there are certain ways I may want to change the EQ according to the source material.

To date, without knowing the detail of what each EQ setting did, I liked Dance, Latin, and most often Flat.  Now that I look at the curves, Dance cuts the high end, which is good for a noisy tapedeck adapter for your car stereo.  Latin acts as a subtle loudness button, with a small boost in the extreme low and high end.  Flat is self-explanatory.

So fellow iPod owners – what’s your favorite EQ settings?



  1. Just found this too, a explanation of each frequency in the iTunes Graphic EQ. EQ settings saved for songs in iTunes will work on the iPod when it’s set to Flat.


  2. if you need a project … http://www.partsexpress.com/projectshowcase/podzuma/index.html

  3. That’s plus $230 I don’t have, but what a great design and concept. Maybe it would work for all the times we have a fellowship outside at church.

    Ahh.. decision package no. 8…

  4. Hey is there a cliff-notes version of organizing my music on the IPOD? I have used the PDF, but there must be something a bit clearer out there?

  5. As far as organizing your music, you must use playlists. This takes a little setup time in front of your laptop via iTunes.

    Once on the iPod, my preferred way to search for music on the iPod is through the Artist menu. It makes the most sense to me. Artist then Album then Song. Nice and linear.

  6. car stereos that are made by Kenwooda are the best and very durable-“~

  7. the car stereos that we bought have built in equalizers and it sounds great ,*:

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