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iPod EQ settings found!

July 8, 2006

iPod friends and future owners –

If you are a sound geek like me, you will value this PDF which grapez found. It details the actual frequency response curves of the iPod’s EQ.  For me, I like to know what frequencies are being boosted and cut, because when I listen, there are certain ways I may want to change the EQ according to the source material.

To date, without knowing the detail of what each EQ setting did, I liked Dance, Latin, and most often Flat.  Now that I look at the curves, Dance cuts the high end, which is good for a noisy tapedeck adapter for your car stereo.  Latin acts as a subtle loudness button, with a small boost in the extreme low and high end.  Flat is self-explanatory.

So fellow iPod owners – what’s your favorite EQ settings?