Benefit Blog

June 30, 2006

[please read this tongue in cheek]

In the same spirit as Live Aid, Farm Aid, and other benefit concerts, this blog is to benefit a worthy cause.

Here is my plea. In the course of my existence as a musician and a IT professional, I have developed nerve problems with my right arm, which now prohibit me from playing acoustic guitar. In order to promote healing in my arm, I am seeking to purchase a customer guitar by Tom Anderson called a Crowdster. This is an instrument that is specially designed to produce authentic acoustic tones and yet only have the body size of an electric guitar.

Such a custom instrument is not cheap, so I am seeking your support and donations. This guitar will allow me to continue serving as an acoustic guitarist at church and minimize further damage to my arm, in the hopes of promoting healing.

Here is a link to the Tom Anderson Crowdster.

Thank you for supporting a good cause.


PS – My situation is for real, and I will need to quit playing for awhile, or at least limit my playing to electric only and not often. I covet your prayers for my healing more than your money. Thanks.



  1. I think we should have a bake sale!!

  2. […] I hope to learn mandolin so I can play at church on “unplugged” days instead of playing the acoustic, which still hurts my arm.  The diversity of tones will be nice too. […]

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