iPod discoveries – All Together Separate

June 19, 2006

all together separate

I added some more CDs to my iTunes library this weekend.  One of them is called All Together Separate-self titled.  I hadn't listened to it in a long time.  Talk about the cure for the common CCM drivel.  These guys play jazz and blues influenced pop-rock.  Can you believe each song has a unique chord progression?  The lyrics may be too artful for some, but to have something groovy to listen to while working (or writing this blog), it's good stuff.

The standout for me is "Paradigm".  It is a great example of how dynamics can take a 4 minute song with three chords through several different movements.  Plus the vocals cook. I mean it.  Bonus – the guitar feeds back before even playing when he rolls up the volume coming out of a vocal only break because the amp is screaming loud.  Ahh, what's lost for the sake of accessibility. 😦

I think I put this CD away for two reasons.  One, I played it far too much and needed space.  Second, it's so original, it's doesn't fit in the world of CCWM*.  Given that I listen to a lot of CCWM for church planning, the tunes didn't serve me.  With that said, I need to be more intentional about putting diverse stuff back into my musical diet, not just stuff people can sing along the first time they here it (not there is anything wrong with that).  

*Contempory Christian Worship Music


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