Aces High

May 15, 2006

Imagine a mild mannered work at home dad taking his lunch break.  He turns on the TV for distraction from work while eating a sandwich.  On VH1 Classic is "Aces High" by Iron Maiden (May is Metal month on VH1 Classic all you headbangers).  This dad is taken back to a time in his past, around 8th grade, where Iron Maiden was the only thing on the turntable and in the tapedeck.  He laments he could never learn the cool riffs in the song "Aces High" and neither could his guitar teacher because they were just that difficult!

Back to our story, the sandwich and video are over and dad is looking for something crunchy in the pantry. While looking, for no known reason, he breaks into singing the chorus of "Aces High".  For those that know Bruce Dickinson (not the more cowbell producer), this is no small feat, as the singer from Iron Maiden has, as Napoleon Dynamite might say, "skills".  At the risk of hurting himself, this dad continues through the chorus.  Much to his surprise, he was able to sing the majority of it in the same octave (read: high).

Here's the dramatic conclusion:  dad makes his way over to piano munching on some chips and tries to find that high note he sang.  Wow! regular ol' dad manages to nail high C when checked against the family piano.  "That's crazy" he thinks to himself, "I've got no business up there".  Sadly, this dad realizes it was a nice place to visit, but he cannot live on the mountain top.  Too many headaches from lack of oxygen.  But he is proud he tried.

Thanks for hanging there with my self-indulgent story.  BTW – "Aces High" begins with an excerpt of a moving speech by Winston Churchill.  The song is about the Nazi bombings of England and dogfights involved.  Watch the video here.


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