For What it’s Worth

May 12, 2006

Quoted in the International Herald today…

"As Germans we cannot help but be moved to realize that their idealism and their duty to the state was misused by an unjust government," Benedict said of the war dead at La Cambe. He expressed regret that the Germanic virtue of obedience – Pflicht – had been exploited and misused by the Nazis, and said that this did nothing to diminish their honor or service to the Fatherland…

… "They simply tried to do their duty – even during times of terrible self-doubt, and inner conflict," he said, noting that it was not his place to judge the dead of La Cambe "into whose conscience only God can see."

 –  Pope Benedict XVI, as he visited a German military cemetery at La Cambe


One comment

  1. Here’s another one from Pope B. on the topic of concience:

    “…even among the inhabitants of Babylon there are people committed to peace and goodness, though without sharing the biblical faith. In the end, then, God will lead those people to the heavenly Jerusalem, rewarding them for their pure consciences.”

    From the Vatican website on 11/30.

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