Maybe Not So Far After All?

May 9, 2006

Part Two of my Derek Webb thinking series…

Richard Okimoto's interview with Derek: taken from derekwebb.net

Derek Webb interview transcript

Derek:  ….We’re diverse members of one body. And we really need some people who are called to go, and some people who stay. I mean, we really need that. and I was hoping that "A New Law" [Kevin's note: a track of his new album Mockingbird.  Listen to it for free at derekwebb.com] was going to communicate that, and say, anything I’m advocating on this record, what I’m not saying is ‘this is the right way to do it’. Because that’s all we want to do. It’s like Don Miller always says-

And I refer to Don Miller simple because he’s a friend. Not because I’ve been tremendously influenced by his writing. In fact, I’m not at all influenced by don miller’s writing. He’s just a friend of mine. It’s so funny how people think I started reading Don Miller, and then got liberal. I don’t think I’ve ever really read any – I’ve read bits of a few of his books, but… Don’s just a friend of mine. We’ve never talked about stuff like that. We’ve never talked about anything heavy. He’s been no influence on me other than he’s a really cool guy and he’s a good friend of mine.

But, Don has said, which I think is really interesting, he said that people come to the Bible asking ‘how’ questions, and it’s a ‘why’ book. And I think that’s really helpful. It’s not about, “here’s a way for us to live, and here’s everything you should do…”. It’s not about that. And that’s not what this record is about.


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