Derek is starting to make more sense.

May 9, 2006

Third in a series on Derek Webb and his "new" concerns…

Richard Okimoto's interview with Derek: taking from derekwebb.net

Derek Webb interview transcript

Derek:  ….We’re diverse members of one body. And we really need some people who are called to go, and some people who stay. I mean, we really need that. and I was hoping that "A New Law" [Kevin's note: a track of his new album Mockingbird.  Listen to it for free at derekwebb.com] was going to communicate that, and say, anything I’m advocating on this record, what I’m not saying is ‘this is the right way to do it’. Because that’s all we want to do. It’s like Don Miller always says-

And I refer to Don Miller simple because he’s a friend. Not because I’ve been tremendously influenced by his writing. In fact, I’m not at all influenced by don miller’s writing. He’s just a friend of mine. It’s so funny how people think I started reading Don Miller, and then got liberal. I don’t think I’ve ever really read any – I’ve read bits of a few of his books, but… Don’s just a friend of mine. We’ve never talked about stuff like that. We’ve never talked about anything heavy. He’s been no influence on me other than he’s a really cool guy and he’s a good friend of mine.

But, Don has said, which I think is really interesting, he said that people come to the Bible asking ‘how’ questions, and it’s a ‘why’ book. And I think that’s really helpful. It’s not about, “here’s a way for us to live, and here’s everything you should do…”. It’s not about that. And that’s not what this record is about.

This one is for bulldawgy:

Derek on these songs lyrics:

peace by way of war
is like purity by way of fornication
it’s like telling someone murder is wrong
and showing them by way of execution

Derek:  …The idea of people who are against abortion would go and show that by killing abortion doctors. It’s like telling someone that murder is wrong, and showing them by way of execution. That is one of a variety of different things that I packed into those two lines. It can mean a lot of things and at different points has meant different things to me. But it is intentionally ambiguous. It doesn’t have to mean anything that is unbiblical, and I didn’t intend it to mean anything unbiblical. 

 …What I’ll tell you is, what went into those lines were many thoughts about many things about how it’s inconsistent to say this is right and I’m going to do that to you to prove it. And it does touch on issues that have to do with the dignity of human life. But I was thinking just as much about people who murder abortion doctors. Because that is very literally saying, ‘murder is wrong and I’m going to murder you to stop you from doing it’. That’s totally inconsistent.



  1. Is Derek equating the idea of “government sanctioned murder” with the idea of “defending the innocent”?

    If that child was born and someone was about to kill it and a third party could stop it but they did nothing, then charges would be brought against the one who did nothing. That’s totally inconsistent.

  2. Guiroo –

    You have made a very insightful point. I appreciate what Derek is saying – and I would agree that murdering an abortion doctor is wrong.

    I think he is taking an easy way out of the conundrum that he has created for himself with those lyrics. I can see how it would mean what he is saying regarding abortion, but it is not just ambiguous – it is VERY ambiguous.

    I like his stuff from two or three years ago, though. But ain’t gonna be no Mockingbird buying from me.


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