Calling all you David Crowder fans

April 17, 2006

In case you didn't' know, the Gospel Music Association got something right this year at the GMA awards, AKA the Dove Awards.  DCB won three Doves.

Now for something completely geeked out.  If you go here:


and click on the "You are My Joy" tabs link, you will find guitar tablature for all the parts in the song.  That would be boring for most, I know.

But wait there is much more.  There is an MP3 of each individual part.  If you don't know the song "You are My Joy", I feel sorry for you.  Just kidding. No, really, its a great song.

Listen to the song first.  Then access the link.  Click on the mp3 link called JackBreak2.mp3 .   If you are froggy, listen to all the mp3s labeled break.  Wow, these guys are fearless.  In a world of digital automation, click tracks, and the perfect visual alignment of audio wave forms, DCB has created sloppy guitar parts that when orchestrated together sound incredible.

If I was ever to wear a hat, I would take it off for DCB.  Here's to feel over perfection!



  1. “Froggy?” 😕

  2. I worked with a guy that would always say this about doing something daring or risky, “Whenever you feel froggy,(just jump)”.

    Picture teenage male bravado before a fight breaks out. That should set the original context. I have adapted to mean “inspired” in my vocabulary. For example:

    “If you are inspired, listen to all the mp3s labeled break.”

  3. Sounds like a good code word for Dan Miller.

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