April 10, 2006

Wow, what a week.  Let's review:

  • Bulldawgy's wife gives birth to healthy baby boy 
  • Jeffrey gets accepted to the school of his dreams
  • My youngest boy learned to pedal his tricycle
  • My youngest girl turns over and can hold the Sphinx posture
  • Mr. Rutherford stepped in a did a great job leading Sunday AM.
  • Mr Freeze and I locked in and sounded like one intricate instrument on Sunday (it was very cool!)
  • Bulldawgy wrote a melody for my latest hymn!
  • I cut my finger in a stupid office accident (it's nearly healed already)
  • I gained my confidence back to sing in public
  • I tricked my PC into playing nice with Cakewalk Homestudio 9 so now I have a nice work flow (all internal) for getting my voice warm-ups and exercises into my iPod
  • Last but not least, and should be my favorite – Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever

That is just what's on the top of my mind right now.  Anybody got a top 5 from the past week?




  1. Guiroo’s list:
    Makes significant progress on getting rid of farmer’s tan
    Seven days with no computer or iPod- used cellphone in Key West
    Inspired to work on Calypso rhythms and form steel drum band for church picnics
    Daughter lost first tooth, Tooth Fairy sets high standard at Grandma’s house
    House gets shown several times and expect an offer tonight

  2. – Henry Rogers Brian Lee (whew! that’s a long name)
    – My pal Schultzie called to show me some love, and to check in the fam! Thanks, Schultzie.
    – I wrote a melody for Schultzie’s hymn (the lyrics are way cool, man)
    – Kathy’s doon great!
    – I have a thousand things to do at work (i.e. thank you God for the job that pays the bills)
    – Guiroo is back in town! (we missed you, “Sticks”)
    – I missed the pagan celebration of fertility yesterday!! (the egg hunt, duh)
    – God is gracious!


  3. If it’s a fertility rite, what does the part where 6 men rush Dan and pelt him with (real) eggs signify? Wait, don’t answer that…

  4. It's a little late but I'd love to chime in.
    5. Watching my biggest girl play with a puppy with the gentleness of playing with ones' own child. Such love!
    4.Watching my oldest boy rig something to something else to make it pull something somewhere for some reason (yet unknown) and actually making it do what he wants it to do. He's so smart!
    3. Hearing my littlest boy say the dinner prayer with only two syllables "Gah, mem", and smiling as if he'd actually said the Lord's prayer.
    4.See my littlest girl sit up…and fall down. And then sit up again.
    5.Seeing you smile, even when you don't feel like it, just to make my day better.
    Thanks for letting me experience our children everyday!

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