Now all my friends can play together

April 7, 2006

the Windows and Mac worlds collide…

XP runs on a Mac



  1. But…. it’s still XP.

  2. That’s not the main problem…the main problem is that it’s still on Apple hardware…

    Thus, still:
    1. it’s expensive
    2. it’s proprietary
    3. you can’t build/customize it yourself

  3. You know Jeffrey, I have never heard you complain about those same points with your iPod. 😀

  4. Touche, my friend. However, the iPod does not have the multifunction expectations that a personal computer does; and I think the cost:quality ratio is much lower than with Apple’s computers. Good point, though, I never claimed not to be a hypocrite.

  5. I know you are a hypocrite, just like me. 😉

  6. Is that a hypocritical statement?

    Hmm…pondering the etymology of the word hypocrite…seems to indicate a lack (hypo) of criticism or critical-ness. Definitely not us, eh?

  7. So a hypothalamus is a lack of a thamalus? 😉

    I seem to remember learning that when Jesus used the word hypocrite he was referring to the actors in the dramas of that time. They were one thing and pretended to be another.

    I try not to, of course, but I do qualify probably more then I know.

  8. Well my etymology has failed me–turns out it is an original Greek word for actor…that’s where the word trail runs cold. Not a prefix-ed word, after all.

    Not sure about the hypothalamus, but I never signed up for one, anyway.

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