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Calling all you David Crowder fans

April 17, 2006

In case you didn't' know, the Gospel Music Association got something right this year at the GMA awards, AKA the Dove Awards.  DCB won three Doves.

Now for something completely geeked out.  If you go here:

and click on the "You are My Joy" tabs link, you will find guitar tablature for all the parts in the song.  That would be boring for most, I know.

But wait there is much more.  There is an MP3 of each individual part.  If you don't know the song "You are My Joy", I feel sorry for you.  Just kidding. No, really, its a great song.

Listen to the song first.  Then access the link.  Click on the mp3 link called JackBreak2.mp3 .   If you are froggy, listen to all the mp3s labeled break.  Wow, these guys are fearless.  In a world of digital automation, click tracks, and the perfect visual alignment of audio wave forms, DCB has created sloppy guitar parts that when orchestrated together sound incredible.

If I was ever to wear a hat, I would take it off for DCB.  Here's to feel over perfection!


iPod Protection

April 12, 2006

I decided I should protect my investment.  So I bought this for under $20….

It's reviewed here…

ilounge is a good site for reviews on all iPod accessories.

On a related note, this is the car stereo I plan on purchasing to replace my broken factory one.  Notice the front panel AUX input.  Am I iPod infatuated or what?  Schweet….




April 10, 2006

Wow, what a week.  Let's review:

  • Bulldawgy's wife gives birth to healthy baby boy 
  • Jeffrey gets accepted to the school of his dreams
  • My youngest boy learned to pedal his tricycle
  • My youngest girl turns over and can hold the Sphinx posture
  • Mr. Rutherford stepped in a did a great job leading Sunday AM.
  • Mr Freeze and I locked in and sounded like one intricate instrument on Sunday (it was very cool!)
  • Bulldawgy wrote a melody for my latest hymn!
  • I cut my finger in a stupid office accident (it's nearly healed already)
  • I gained my confidence back to sing in public
  • I tricked my PC into playing nice with Cakewalk Homestudio 9 so now I have a nice work flow (all internal) for getting my voice warm-ups and exercises into my iPod
  • Last but not least, and should be my favorite – Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever

That is just what's on the top of my mind right now.  Anybody got a top 5 from the past week?



Now all my friends can play together

April 7, 2006

the Windows and Mac worlds collide…

XP runs on a Mac