Early Adopter… not really

March 20, 2006

I am finally serious about getting an MP3 player.  Much to my friends disappointment I am not planning on an Apple product.  So here are my requirements and why Apple doesn’t make the cut.

Value and Capacity, Multiple formats, Voice Recording, and Janus compatible.

The top contender today is the Creative Zen Micro Photo.  8GB microdrive with really nice color screen in my pocket for $225.  Yes its twice as thick as the Nano, but has twice the space!  Notice size is not on the requirements list.


Before I jump off into the deep end of Windows Media, are there any arguments out there from the iPod supporters?




  1. I think Apple vs. WMA is irrelevant. Either way, you can always buy and burn music, then just rip it into the opposing format. A little extra work, but still—it gets you around DRM. I bought an iPod because it was the best player for my price range (which is significantly lower than yours 😉 and storage needs. I wouldn’t let DRM tie me down, but I’d personally tend to stay away from Janus simply because it’s Microsoft and Microsoft likes to break itself. But, then again, if you’re not buying music online, it doesn’t matter.

    BTW, for an objective look at your prospective new toy, look at the review on cnet here.

    It’s got an OLED display. You had me at OLED. 😀

    Also, from the review:

    This is truly an audiophile’s MP3 player.

    Yeah it’s definitely the one for you, Kev.

  2. Thanks for your input Jeffrey. I originally found the product through cnet.com.

    If the SanDisk Sansa e270 was available I would probably go with that. I need to check out ebay for iPods, because the color screen and recorder are not do or die features. But I really like the S/N on the Zen Micro and the fact it plays nice with .WAV files

  3. Value and capacity – seeing that you love music and you will probably want to record your vocal lessons and practices, I get the feeling that you will run out of space pretty quickly.

    Once you get a hard drive mp3 player it really is a paradigm shift … every CD you own is accessible in seconds. Remember wondering if you really needed a cell phone? Yes we can live without them but I think you will be disappointed with 8 gigs.

    For another $75 you can almost quadruple the capacity.

    I was just reading that you can record with a mic into the dock. (You can probably get a portable recording adaptor on ebay pretty cheap too.)

    Plus you get photos (with music) and video.

    P.S. James recently showed me how you can do random mode within a genre, album, or artist – not just over the whole library.

  4. The iPod plays nice with wav files too – just not wmp.

  5. Think of all the possibilities that you would miss out on as video expands…

    worship song tutorials, music lessons, sermons, etc.


  6. OK. You’ve talked me into it. I will be getting a black 30 GB iPod photo.

  7. hehe, well that was easy. Video, right?

    I never completed my original cellphone analogy. I remember thinking, “Surely I can get by with just 100 minues a month. That’s like over an hour!”

    If it works at all, you won’t be disappointed. ;^)

  8. Apple rocks.

    Windows is the anti-Christ. Well, not really, but you get the sentiment.

    I want a 30 GB iPod that can play video. Tasty!!!

  9. I don’t want video of any kind on a 2″ screen! Talk about feature bloat. And talk about eating battery. My monochromatically-screened iPod with 14 hours of battery life is fine by me. But, to each his own.

    Kevin, do you think you’ll actually use the video/photo capabilities? I would predict a one-month window of actually using those, then the real features take over—capacity and great sound.

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